Online study questionnaire: ViP – videolaryngoscopy in pediatric anaesthesia

Dear colleague,
We need help from our specialist community in anaesthesia and intensive care.

Videolaryngoscopes have become increasingly available during recent years. Quite a few studies have been performed in children comparing videolaryngoscopy to conventional laryngoscopy. Videolaryngoscopy is often used in adult patients; with this study we would like to uncover the current practice when intubating children.

As a part of our SSAI fellowship in paediatric anaesthesia and intensive care medicine we have set out to investigate how widely videolaryngoscopy is used among anaesthesiologists/intensivists in the Scandinavian countries in the paediatric patient. Therefore, we kindly ask you to answer these 10 short questions. It can be done within 5 minutes.

Please note that we are only asking about intubation, and not other aspects of the airway management. We realise the questions represent a simple approach to complex situations, but please choose the answer most appropriate to your practice.

Please answer this questionnaire only once, as it is being distributed via multiple platforms

Best Regards

  • Jan Pallesen
  • Assia Amal Bada
  • Bjarte Toppe
  • Ingrid Stubelius
  • Joakim Hedov