World Anaesthesia Day : Count me in!

What is Count Me In?

 Count Me In! is an initiative to unite anaesthesia providers on World Anaesthesia Day and focus on raising awareness and support for scaling-up “human resources for anaesthesia”.

The WFSA’s recently launched Global Anaesthesia Workforce Map, created by surveying anaesthesia providers around the world, highlights the anaesthesia workforce shortage. Using current population data, more than 136,000 physician anaesthesia providers are needed today to achieve a minimum density of 5 per 100,000 population in all countries.

This World Anaesthesia Day we ask you to count yourself among those providing lifesaving anaesthesia, and share your support for the scale-up of the anaesthesia workforce.


Who will participate on the day?

 We would like as many people around the world as possible to participate in the campaign, including:

WFSA/ESA Member Societies
Non-physician anaesthesia providers as part of the anaesthesia team
Theatre staff


The best campaigns are those in which thousands of people from around the world join together and so we want tens of thousands of healthcare workers across the globe to join us on the day.


Best wishes,

Gonzalo Barreiro

President WFSA

Zeev Goldik

President ESA

Dan Longrois


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