Avhandlingar inom thoraxanestesi

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Gudrun Bragadottir, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Cardiac surgery and the kidney – studies on the effects of pharmacological interventions on renal perfusion, filtration and oxygenation

Birgitta Romlin, Sahlgrenska Akademin

Monitoring of coagulation and platelet function in paediatric cardiac surgery


Ulrica Alström, Uppsala Universitet

Platelet Inhibition and Bleeding in Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Ove Jonsson, Uppsala Universitet

Cerebral Perfusion and Metabolism during Experimental Extracorporeal Circulation

Björn Reinsfelt, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Cardiac surgery and the brain – studies on cerebral blood flow autoregulation and mechanisms of cerebral injury


Erik Mörtberg, Uppsala Universitet

Assessment of the Cerebral Ischemic/Reperfusion Injury after Cardiac Arrest

Bengt Redfors, , Sahlgrenska Akademien

Prevention and treatment of acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery


Kirsten Jörgensen, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Lung Emphysema & Cardiac Function


Doris Rapp-Kesek, Uppsala Universitet

Nutrition in Elderly Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery


Andreas Nygren, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Vasopressors and intestinal mucosal perfusion. Studies in cardiac surgical and critically ill patients


Lars Algotsson, Lunds Universitet

Risk stratification in cardiac surgery: Algorithms and applications


Kristina Swärd, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Atrial natriuretic peptide in ischaemic acute renal failure


Monica Hyllner, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Preoperative deposit of autologous blood. Effects on inflammatory mediators

Ann Kvarnström, Uppsala Universitet

Neuropathic Pain; Quality of Life, Sensory Assessments and Pharmacological Treatments

Eva Jensen, , Sahlgrenska Akademien

Protein S-100, inflammatory and haemostatic mediators in paediatric open heart surgery. Influence of clinical variables and a biocompatible cardiopulmonary bypass system


Eva Ahlgren, Linköpngs Universitet

Cerebral complications after cardiac surgery

Fredrik Lennmyr, Uppsala Universitet

Signal Transduction in Focal Cerebral Ischemia : Experimental Studies on VEGF, MAPK and Src family kinases.

Palmgren, Ingrid, Uppsala Universitet
Transesophageal Echocardiography in Patients Undergoing Elective Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Staffan Söderström, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Arterial pulse wave analysis. With special reference to vasoactive and anaesthetic drugs and to heart lung interactions

Barbro Österlund, Umeå universitet

Coronary release of t-PA


Michael Broomé, Umeå universitet

Exogenous Angiotensin II- an experimental study of integrated circulatory effects in heart, splanchnic and kidney

Bengt Hammas, Uppsala Universitet

Experimental and clinical studies on the antiemetic effects of propofol

Bengt Peterzén, Linköpngs Universitet

Management of patients treated with left ventricular assist devices

A clinical and experimental study

Zoltán Szabó, Linköpngs Universitet

Diabetes and Coronary Surgery : Metabolic and clinical studies on diabetic patients after coronary surgery with special reference to cardiac metabolism and high-dose GIK


Anders Thorén, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Splanchnic perfusion in cardiac surgery


Magnusson, Lennart, Uppsala Universitet
Atelectasis and gas exchange impairment after cardiopulmonary bypass. An experimental study.


Åsa Haraldsson, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Inhaled vasodilatory agents for treatment of pulmonary hypertension in cardiac surgical patients.

Effects of prostacyklin, milrinone and nitric oxide.

Tenling, Arne, Uppsala Universitet
Lung function after cardiac surgery with special reference to atelectasis and ventilation-perfusion relationsships.

Hildur Tómasdóttir, , Sahlgrenska Akademien

Liver transplantation. The inflammatory and hemodynamic response during reperfusion.


Ulla Nathorst-Westfelt, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Nitric oxide inhalation – clinical end experimental studies.

Felix Valsson, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Atrial natriuretic peptide; Studies on cardiac surgical patients with acute renal failure or myocardial ischemia.


Hachenberg, Thomas, Uppsala Universitet
Gas exchange impairment in patients undergoing cardiac surgery : with reference to ventilation-perfusion relationships, thoracic intravascular and extravascular fluid volumes, pulmonary morphology and mechanical ventilation in the prone position

Vigdis Hansdottir, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Epidural sufentanil analgesia-a pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study in patients after thoracotomy.

Erik Houltz, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Left ventricular systolic and diastolic function during cardiac anesthesia. Echocardiographic and doppler studies in patients undergoing coronary artery surgery

Per Nellgård, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Mechanisms of fluid losses in small-bowel obstruction


Sören Berg Linköpngs Universitet

Hyaluronan in sepsis : A clinical and experimental study

Ingemar Cederholm, Linköpngs Universitet

Ropivacaine An experimental and clinical study with special reference to
analgesic, circulatory and antiinflammatory effects

Niels S Jensen, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Effects of prostaglandins and nitric oxide on right and left ventricular performance. Studies on patients undergoing heart surgery and transplantation

Anne Westerlind, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Effects of E. Coli endotoxin and betaadrenoceptor blockade on cerebral blood flow and oxygen uptage. An experimental study in dogs.


Johan Sellgren, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Cardiovascular control mechanisms during anaesthesia and surgery – with special reference to muscle nerve sympathetic activity


Klaus Kirnö, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Regional analgesia and sympathetic nerve activity in man

Sten Walther, Linköpngs Universitet

Nebulized corticosteroid in septic lung injury : An experimental study in pigs


Jan van der Linden, Uppsala Universitet

Cerebral perfusion during cardiac surgery : an ultrasonic and metabolic study with special reference to profound hypothermia


Per-Olof Joachimsson, Uppsala Universitet

Prevention and treatment of intraoperative hypothermia : effects on postoperative recovery and the need for mechanical ventilatory support

Margareta Östman, Umeå universitet

Regional circulatory effects of isoflurane-nitrous oxide anaesthesia and noxious stimulation.


Kurt Feddersen, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Prostacyclin infusion during cardiopulmonary bypass

Erik Håkanson Linköpngs Universitet

Metabolism in standardized surgical trauma in man : Stress response during epidural blockade or adrenaline infusion

Hans Rutberg Linköpngs Universitet

Endocrine-metabolic response to upper abdominal surgery: Influence of extradural analgesia


Italo Milocco, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Anaesthesia and ischaemic heart disease – A study of haemodynamic stability and left ventricular function during anaesthesia induction and sternotomy for aorto-corona bypass

Gunnar Nordberg, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Pharmacokinetic aspects of spinal morphine analgesia

Hans Sonander, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Nitrous oxide exposure during anaesthetic work. Measurement and reduction


Johan Pontén, Sahlgrenska Akademien

Preoperative withdrawal versus maintencance of long-term β-adrenoceptor blockadae. Perioperative cardiovascular and metabolic aspects with special reference to spinal and ne Erik Houltz

Left venrikular


Jan Hultman, Uppsala Universitet

Biochemical and functional studies on ischemically damaged myocardial tissue after administration of phosphoenolpyruvate and adenosine triphosphate early during reperfusion : a study in a paracorporeal rat heart model

Eva Bålfors, Umeå universitet

Effect of anaesthesia on coronary haemodynamics and myocardial oxygenation in patients with ischemic heart disease.


Haldén, Eric, Uppsala Universitet
Circulatory and ventilatory effects of increased airway pressure : an experimental study


Sebastian Reiz, Umeå universitet

Hemodynamic and Cardiometabolic Studies in Patients with Distributive

Circulatory Dysfunctions. – with special reference to the effects of the beta-1-

adrenoreceptor agonist Prenalterol

Hans Tydén, Uppsala Universitet

Haemodynamics in aorto-coronary bypass surgery : a clinical study with special reference to the effects of neuroleptanaesthesia and to the cause of postoperative vasoconstriction and its treatment with sodium nitroprusside


Jakobson, Sven, Uppsala Universitet

Intercostal nerve blocks and chest wall mechanics


Westerholm,Carl-Johan, Uppsala Universitet
Threshold studies in transvenous cardiac pacemaker treatment. Direct measurement with special reference to short and long term stimulation and influence of certain metabolic, respiratory and pharmacological factors.


Wranne, Bengt, Uppsala Universitet
Circulatory adaptation early after pulmonary surgery


Holmdahl, Martin H:son, Uppsala Universitet
Pulmonary uptake of oxygen, acid-base metabolism, and circulation during prolonged apnoea.