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Klinisk: Maria Adrian

Adrian, Maria. – Mechanical complications after central venous catheterisation in the ultrasound-guided era : a prospective multicentre cohort study. – 2022. –  British Journal of Anaesthesia. – : Elsevier. – 1471-6771. ; 129:6, s. 843-850

Experimentell: Hannes Widing

Widing, Hannes. – Homogenizing effect of PEEP on tidal volume distribution during neurally adjusted ventilatory assist : study of an animal model of acute respiratory distress syndrome. – 2022. –  Respiratory Research. – : BioMed Central (BMC). – 1465-9921 .- 1465-993X. ; 23:1



Klinisk: Josef Dankiewicz

Hypothermia versus Normothermia after Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Experimentell: Jaap van der Heijden

Plasma hyaluronan, hyaluronidase activity and endogenous hyaluronidase inhibition in sepsis: an experimental and clinical cohort study


Klinisk: Erik von Oelreich

Opioid Use After Intensive Care: A Nationwide Cohort Study

Experimentell: Susanne Rysz

COVID-19 pathophysiology may be driven by an imbalance in the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system


2020 (delades ut 2021 pga Covid-19)

Klinisk: Svajunas Statkevicius

Albumin infusion rate and plasma volume expansion: a randomized clinical trial in postoperative patients after major surgery

Experimentell: Gaetano Scaramuzzo

The Effect of Positive End-Expiratory Pressure on Lung Micromechanics Assessed by Synchrotron Radiation Computed Tomography in an Animal Model of ARDS



Klinisk: Anna Milton

Development of an ICU discharge instrument predicting psychological morbidity: A multinational study

Experimentell: Silvia Marchesi

Abdominal organ perfusion and inflammation in experimental sepsis: a magnetic resonance imaging study



Klinisk:  Per Ederoth

Cyclosporine before Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Does Not Prevent Postoperative Decreases in Renal Function: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Experimentell: Kristofer Nilsson

The novel nitric oxide donor pdno attenuates ovine ischemia-reperfusion induced renal failure



Klinisk: Micheal Ott

Lithium intoxication: Incidence, clinical course and renal function – a population-based retrospective cohort study

Experimentell: Michael Karlsson

Diverse and tissue-specific mitochondrial respiratory respons in a mouse model of sepsis-induced multiple organ failure



Joakim Engström

Maintenance of Airway Pressure During Filter Exchange Due to Auto-Triggering

João Batista Borges

Lung Inflammation Persists After 27 Hours of Protective Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Network Strategy and Is Concentrated in the Nondependent Lung

Johanna Fridsén

Möjliga organdonatorer missas på landsortssjukhus

Jonathan Oras

Elevated high-sensitive troponin T on admission is an indicator of poor long-term outcome in patients with subarachnoid

haemorrhage: a prospective observational study



Klinisk: Niklas Nielsen

Targeted temperature management at 33°C versus 36°C after cardiac arrest.

Experimentell: Björn Bark

Plasma volume expansion by 0.9% NaCl during sepsis/systemic inflammatory response syndrome, after hemorrhage, and during a normal state



Klinisk: Gudrun Bragadottir

Mannitol increases renal blood flow and maintains filtration fraction and oxygenation in postoperative acute kidney injury: A prospective interventional study.

Experimentell: Markus Castegren

Endotoxin tolerance variation over 24 h during porcine endotoxemia: Association with changes in circulation and organ dysfunction



Klinisk: Laszlo Vimlati

Spontaneous breathing improves shunt fraction and oxygenation in comparison with controlled ventilation at a similar amount of lung collapse.

Experimentell: Tobias Cronberg

Neuron-specific enolase correlates with other prognostic markers aftercardiac arrest.