Delta i ESICM-studie om reversering av antikoagulantia inom intensivvården

The ESICM Transfusion Guideline Task Force is currently preparing the first international anticoagulation reversal guideline for the intensive care unit (ICU) setting. In succession of the TRACE-1 and TRACE-2 survey in which we studied transfusion practices in the (non-)bleeding ICU patient, we now aim to examine anticoagulation reversal practices in this population (ROTATION survey).

The aim of the survey is to collect baseline measurements of international policies and practices of anticoagulation reversal used in the ICU, including different types of anticoagulants, thresholds per diagnostic tests, choices of types anticoagulation reversal drugs and blood products. This research could be helpful to monitor and guide future changes in anticoagulation reversal practices in the ICU (i.e. response to new international guidelines) or to identify knowledge gaps.

The survey can be found on the website:

All responses will be anonymized and reported in aggregate. Completing this survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes.