ESAIC Studie om mentorskap

This survey seeks to assess the prevalence of mentor-mentee relationships within the field of anaesthesia and gain a deeper understanding of mentorship dynamics. Our objective is to identify key socio-demographic factors associated with the selection of mentor-mentee partnerships whilst also examining potential factors that facilitate or hinder the mentorship experience.

In this context, a mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted advisor who provides knowledge, guidance, support, and advancement opportunities to a developing colleague, who can be referred to as a mentee. Think of a mentor as being akin to a career coach.

A mentee, on the other hand, refers to an individual who receives guidance, training, or advice from a mentor and can be likened to a protégé.

Our overarching aim is to promote the establishment of successful mentorships and to make mentorship in anaesthesia more accessible and equitable.

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