ESICM Next undersökning om kvinnligt ledarskap inom anestesi och intensivvård

ESICM NEXT och The Diversity and Inclusiveness Monitoring Group genomför för närvarande en studie angående möjligheter och hinder för kvinnligt ledarskap inom anestesui och intensivvård och önskar ditt deltagande! Läs deras inbjudan nedan och delta i studien genom denna länk. Tack för ditt deltagande!

Dear Colleague,
Despite efforts to achieve equity in the workplace, professional women face barriers to becoming recognized leaders.
There is no shortage of qualified women to fill leadership roles. Still, men are far more likely than women to take on the highest paying and prestigious leadership roles. The “qualities” of a leader are still largely based on an outdated male model that shuts women out.
Although decades of investment in women’s leadership programs, progress in promoting women has stalled. ESICM would like to bridge the gender leadership gap once and for all.
For this reason, ESICM NEXT Committee and The Diversity and Inclusiveness Monitoring group designed an observational survey for all health professionals involved in critical care to assess barriers to female leadership: Old Stereotypes, Fewer Connections, Bias and Discrimination and  Lack of Flexibility.
With this survey, ESICM NEXT and Diversity and Inclusiveness Monitoring Group want to anonymously explore how our wellbeing is impacted by our work and personal environments and develop a suite of practical recommendations for decrease barriers to Female Leadership
We would like to invite you to take part in this survey that has been endorsed by ESICM – European Society of Intensive Care Medicine.
It will take just 10 minutes, and you will be able to answer just once.
This survey is anonymous.
By continuing you agree that we use the data to perform analyses that may be the subject of a publication.
You can opt out at any time during the survey. In this case, we guarantee that no data will be used for any analyzes and publications.
Thank you for your contribution
On behalf of the steering committee
NEXT ESICM Committee
The Diversity and Inclusiveness Monitoring Group