LUSEP – The First Lund Conference on Severe Infections and Sepsis

Datum: 17 sep - 18 feb, 2015

Plats: Grand hotel, Lund

The First Lund Conference on Severe Infections and Sepsis aims to provide a platform for physicians and researchers to discuss state-of-the-art advances in the field of severe infectious diseases. To this end, we invited 7 outstanding key opinion leaders covering the areas:

· Long-Term outcomes and novel treatments of sepsis (Prof. Jim Russell, Vancouver, Canada)
· Disease mechanisms in pneumonia and sepsis (Prof. Tom van der Poll, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
· Severe infections in COPD (Prof. Sanjay Sethi, Buffalo, USA)
· Secondary infections (Prof. Michal Holub, Prague, Czech Republic)
· To increase public awareness of severe infections and sepsis (Prof. Konrad Reinhart, Jena, Germany)
· Establishing a forum for patients and relatives (Prof. Frank Brunkhorst, Jena, Germany)
· Coagulopathy and transfusion in sepsis (Prof. Pär Johansson. Rigshospitalet, Köpenhamn)

The conference will take place at the Grand Hotel Lund (September 17-18). The scientific program will be on the first one and a half day. Friday afternoon will be dedicated to discuss the foundation of a Swedish Sepsis Society. This discussion will involve the input of Prof. Brunkhorst and Prof. Reinhart (Jena, Germany), who successfully has launched the German Sepsis Society some 20 years ago.

Very welcome to Lund in September 2015!
Adam Linder
Arne Egesten
Heiko Herwald

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