Nordic Platelet Symposium 2018

Datum: 16 - 17 mar, 2018

Plats: Scandic Triangeln Malmö, Sweden


With the aim to gather the scientific and clinic competence on platelet related issues in the Nordic countries we are pleased to invite you to this academic symposium.

The Symposium will cover seven topics where both basic and clinical research will be presented as follows:


Topic Chair(s)
Platelets in trauma and surgery Anders Jeppsson and Ulf Schött
Platelets and Immunity-focus on ITP John Semple, Waleed Ghanima
Platelet transfusion therapy-potentials and pitfalls Jens Kjeldsen- Kragh and Petter Höglund
Platelets issues in Pediatrics and Preganacy Mimi Kjaersgaard and Jens Kjeldsen Kragh
Diagnosis of platelet disorders Anne Mette Hvas Tomas Lindahl, Riitta Lassila
Inherited bleeding disorders and the use of whole exome sequencing Eva Leinoe
Antiplatelet treatment in cardiology and neurology David Ehrlinge, Peter Svensson


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For pratical information regarding the meeting please contact MedKonf AB,, phone: +46-737-029402

Steering committee, Nordic Platelet Symposium:

Riitta Lassila, Helsinki University hospital, Helsinki, Finland

Eva Leinoe, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tomas Lindal, Linköping Univeristy hospital, Linköping, Sweden

John Semple, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Ulf Schött, Skane University hospital, Sweden

Eva Zetterberg, Skane University hospital, Sweden